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Letter to sister who hurt you

I'm writing this letter because I thought it would be better to write instead of talking to you in person, especially since both of us of usually have hair triggers on our emotions and tempers. Besides, I'm already upset, and I don't want to say anything I might regret later. First of all, I want you to know how much I care about "us" and how important this relationship is to me. For example, you probably don't realize how much I've enjoyed all the discussions we've had together.

I've found that we can talk intelligently about everything from Impressionist art to the exportation of American jobs. The more I get to know you, the more I find we have in common and the more I love you.

And those "I love you" words seem to come as naturally to your lips as they do to mine. We've been together for over six months now and everything about our relationship has become more intimate. It was natural for me to stop seeing anyone else a long time ago and I believed that you had, too, because that is what you told me. Then I got a call from Laura this morning.

Letter To My Little Sister By Nego True -- Spoken Word -- Available On iTunes

She and Tom went out to dinner at the Olive Garden on Saturday night like they sometimes do. That was the day I had that miserable stomach virus and had to cancel our usual night out. Well, Laura told me she saw you in the restaurant having dinner with another woman that night.

It hurts me to even write those words, but I'm just repeating what she told me. Could it be possible? I hope that she was wrong. After all, there are many good-looking guys in this world who like Italian food besides you! I realize there could also be an innocent explanation for the whole situation. After all, I've seen enough "Law and Order" episodes to know you can't convict someone on circumstantial evidence.

I want to know the facts of this case so I can dismiss it as quickly as possible! You don't need a lawyer just tell me the truth. I need to know that you are still faithful to everything you've promised me and that you've not changed your mind about our future plans.

I need to know that another woman has not come between us before I can go on the way we have been. I'm staying with old roommate, Sheila, right now. You know the number I'll be waiting for your call, but if I get a letter instead, I'll prepare for the worst. After all, the worst scenario wouldn't be the end of the world--just the beginning of the end of our world.First, let me say, I love you.

I love you. I have always loved you. You are my older sister and I respect you. Some how we grew apart and I wish I could change that. Maybe you have some ideas? There are lots of days I miss you so much, in fact most days. So I guess I gave up. I know you have a full, active life. Especially with kids. You were always more than ready to step up and help kids.

You fostered kids for a lot of years, hard to place kids, the kids that needed a loving home desperately. You even adopted 3 of those foster kids. Now, at this stage of your life you should be living it easy, your adopted kids are all grown and off on their own now. Yet there you are raising two beautiful little girls who needed you. Well, let me amend that, you take care of mom as much as mom will let you.

You visited me, you comforted me when I was scared and hurting. No one else in the family ever came to see me in the hospital, but you were there every day.

You had a full house thensmall kids and a husband to take care of, but you never hesitated in letting me stay with you for a couple of weeks. I have never forgotten that. The second time I called you and told you I think I needed to go to the hospital when I had a terrible gall bladder attack. You dropped everything and took me and stayed with me throughout my emergency visit and the next day through my surgery. Again, the only family that visited me.Siblings usually fight and argue about small things, but some fights that occur very rarely and are really bad can hurt you and your sister.

Such fights create a riff between you and your lovely sister which can lead to no contact, calls, messages, etc. Thus, writing a letter to your beautiful beloved sister with a personal touch can help you bridge the gap between you both.

Sometimes you need to keep your ego and attitude aside and clear differences with your sibling. By writing an apology letter to your sister, you can show her that you have realized your mistake and you will never hurt her again in the entire life. Use our free Sample Sorry Letter to Sister to help you get started. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.

You must already have guessed the reason behind me writing this letter to you. I know I was wrong on my part, and I am deeply sorry for not attending the function. Hey beautiful, I am very sorry, please forgive me. I miss you a lot; please call me back as soon as possible so that I can meet you soon. Thank you. Mala, I know my absence must have made you upset, but I was stuck with the official tour conducted by my company in Europe.

A Letter To The People That Have Hurt You

To: name email. As you are aware, it is the same day that my sister in law is getting married. The marriage is in Dubai and I being the only son in law will have to be there. I wish I could express the dilemma I am in because my nephews birthday was something that I was looking forward to and I had convinced my in-laws to conduct the marriage on some other date, but for some unforeseen instances it had to be changed to the particular date.

An Open Letter To My Sister

I promise once I come back from Dubai I would make a visit to your place. I am sorry again. I know you had great plans for us. I hope I can make it up once I come there. Give my love to name of the sonand you take care. You must be logged in to post a comment. Letters Privacy Policy Contact Us.

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Write it in a soft and sweet way. Write it as you would speak in front of her. Express your love and concern for her in the whole letter. Make her realize how much you miss her. Keep it short and precise.You did not intentionally cause me pain because you loved me, and I get that, but you also did not do the best that you could.

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You broke my heart and left deep scars that may never heal as well as I want them to. Every time I thought about you walking out of my life knowing you would never come back, I could feel the tears forming.

You did not give me enough credit, though. You thought that after you left I would break, and though I hate to admit that you were right for a while; I rebuilt myself.

I grew stronger than I was before, and for that I must extend to you my utmost gratitude. First, let me express to you how thankful I am for you being the person to make me realize that I am so much more than what you made me out to be.

You see, in the process of me losing you I found myself, and though it was a difficult process I learned a lot along the way. I learned how to truly forgive because of you, and how to truly love myself. It was so easy to lose sight of everything after losing you, but the journey to finding my way again was life changing.

I grew stronger, and so much wiser. I learned to guard my heart while being able to still give it to people, again. I grew emotionally stronger, and when people talk about you, though it hurts, I can smile and say that it is OK while truly meaning it. I have learned to trust again and be open with the people I love and care about. Most importantly, however, I have learned how to find joy in the most depressing situations.

So thank you for hurting me the way you did, because without it I would not be who I am today. Thank you for lying, cheating, and saying that you would stay knowing that you would leave.

Thank you for the hurt and the pain you caused, and for breaking me down so I can build myself back up. Thank you for the tears you made me cry, and for all the times you made me feel like I was not good enough. Thank you for simply being you and all that came with that. Please do not think for a second,that I hate you for leaving or doing all the things that you did, because I do not. However, do know that though you were that person that hurt me the most, you were also the person that taught me the best.

Sometimes, the thing that hurts you the most can teach you the best lessons of life, and even sweet things can hurt. Thank you for all your lessons! Welcome back. Sign in to comment to your favorite stories, participate in your community and interact with your friends. Eastern University.

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Dear You, You did not intentionally cause me pain because you loved me, and I get that, but you also did not do the best that you could. This article has not been reviewed by Odyssey HQ and solely reflects the ideas and opinions of the creator. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Spoiler Alerts Ahead! Community The best and only Lyft driver I've ever had. Fordham University. Orlando, Florida. Community Parasite: A Must-See. Most Viewed.Writing a letter to someone you feel has betrayed you often is an upsetting and grueling task that involves painful emotions most people would rather forget.

It also entails the laborious task of addressing a person who has hurt you, which takes strength and courage. In order for your letter to be effective, only write your opinion of what has happened and how that makes you feel.

letter to sister who hurt you

Do not blame or point fingers by using "You did this Write from your heart and state in the letter very clearly that this is how you feel. Whether your letter resolves any issues or not, it is an important part of your healing process and just writing your feelings down will most likely make you feel better.

Sit down and reflect on why you feel this person has betrayed you before you start writing. It may help if you have family or friends to talk with about the circumstances and to provide you with support and encouragement.

Write down notes about the situation, how you feel about what has happened and why you feel betrayed by this person. These are just rough notes to use while you are writing the letter.

Take your time to think about what you would like to say in your letter. Begin writing your letter. Use "I" statements instead of "You" statements. For example, say "I feel betrayed because Include all the information from your rough notes that you would like to share with the recipient. Read over your letter once you have completed it to reflect on what you are trying to say to the person who has betrayed you. Check for errors and spelling mistakes. Deliver the letter. Send the letter to the person via postal mail.

You also could physically deliver it or have a friend give it to the recipient. Or, you may decide never to give the person the letter, but instead keep it for your personal records or destroy it. Ginger Micah Green has been writing since In Green's article and illustrations regarding bus safety was published in the "Whitehorse Star" newspaper.

She also contributed poetry and helped edit her school yearbook. By: Ginger Micah Green. About the Author.This is raw, real and necessary. It had come time for me to sit down and write an open letter to all who have hurt me. The much needed forgiveness letter. This is the letter of forgiveness anyone who has been hurt, needs to write to free themselves, not only from the anger and the pain, but from the toxic person who still lives in their head, rent free.

letter to sister who hurt you

This is an open letter to all who have hurt me. After you read this one, you might like this open letter to myself. SO powerful as well! Trust me on that! Yup, this is for all of you, any of you and none of you.

If you recognize yourself in here, well, ya. I talk an awful lot about forgiving others.

A letter to … my sister, who shut me out for no reason

So many people still cringe when I tell them to just forgive the person who hurt you and let it go. I so get it. Trust me. Forgiveness sets us free. You have to understand that. You have to want this freedom more than the pain you are holding onto.

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If after you have tried forgiving the people who hurt you and you are still desperately struggling with hurt, pain and anger and you feel your mental health is slipping, please reach out to a professional. Too often we beat ourselves up over things that happened in the past. Stop right there. We do the best we can with what we know and how we feel. We do the best we can depending on the situation we are in. You are not to blame for anything that happened.

You need to stop beating yourself up, take a moment to forgive yourself and let it go. When we forgive the people who hurt us, we are releasing them from our minds and our hearts and moving on without the built up and stored anger, hatred, hurt, excruciating pain and grudge.

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There is no point in rehashing all the crap that happened or what you did.G rowing up, you were always the sister I looked up to. You taught me kindness and forgiveness, curiosity and the right to question everything. You were my closest big sister, a surrogate mother of sorts. We all escaped the trauma of our childhood as soon as we could and, even though we moved to different countries for a time, I relished our frequent phone calls that comfortably rambled on for hours.

When you married and had your first child, I was the first one you showed the ultrasound to. I was the first of our family to hold my tiny niece, the one you trusted to mind this little person when you and your husband escaped for a few hours or, occasionally, overnight. I loved this little girl fiercely, and she loved me back. I taught her to dance uninhibited, to feed imaginary drinks to her toys, and helped her to overcome her shyness.

When her little brother came along, I minded your first-born and brought her in to meet her new brother in hospital. My niece and nephew visibly delighted in my company, and I in theirs.

I spoiled them, taught them about nature, read to them, made them pancakes on Sunday mornings, giggled uncontrollably with them, cuddled them, and loved them both. I was a good thing in their lives. So why did you shut me out? Why did you slowly cut off all contact in recent years, not tell me when you were bringing them to visit Dad, come up with excuses when I offered to have them over to stay?

Why did you pretend not to hear me calling your name when we happened to pass each other while visiting Dad in hospital? Whatever it is I have done, I wish you would tell me. Do you remember how hurt you would be when Mum sniffed when you walked into the room?

letter to sister who hurt you

Do you realise you do that to me now? You broke my heart and I have cried and cried and cried over your coldness and exclusion. It has taken me years of work to get over the sometimes physical pain of that loss. It was a difficult road that opened old wounds but I took it.

letter to sister who hurt you

And I am stronger for it.

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