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Going through ez tag with paper plates

Port Authority police found the license plate of this truck has been covered with grease after they stopped it and charged the driver for not paying a toll at the George Washington Bridge. Port Authority Police. Port Authority Police NJ. Pike and the elimination of toll plazas. Across the country people have tried all sorts of ways to trick all-electronic tolling technology from capturing their license plates in order to avoid paying a toll, but officials in Massachusetts said the tricks aren't new and the technology is ready to catch the scofflaws.

Massachusetts will move to all-electronic tolling on Friday and has Raytheon's All Electronic Tolling System ready to read E-ZPass transponders as well as take pictures of the vehicles including the rear and front license plates if drivers go through without a transponder.

Raytheon's system is able to take color pictures of vehicles and track the make and model of the car if it goes through the tolls without a transponder.

Paper license plates sold for cash

The system, according to Raytheon, can even read bent or illegible license plates with some human help. Bills are sent to people if they don't have a transponder. Grease, specialized license plate blockers and even sprays are sold online to try to help people cover their license plates and avoid tolls while going through these license plate scanners.

Officials in Massachusetts are confident they can get money from people trying to avoid paying. The vehicle can be recognized if it passes the system again. That's why we take the picture, that's why we take the video and that's why we have all those redundancies in place so that we can make sure the bill is being sent to the right person," Tinlin said.

Should a plate not come up immediately, it goes into manual review and I think both what we see on the Tobin Bridge and what other states see, we do a pretty good job of getting the money that's owed to the people of the Commonwealth. Chad Huff, the public information manger for Florida's Turnpike Enterprise, said unfortunately theft is part of any retail business and in the case of tolls - transportation is the product.

Lesson learned: How to reduce E-ZPass toll fines

Florida, which uses the SunPass, had the first all-electronic toll road in There are about 12 million transponders in the state. Officials keep track of areas where avoiding tolls is becoming a problem, no matter what method is being used, he said. Florida's turnpike has a loss prevention office and toll investigators, but also utilizes select enforcement from the Florida Highway Patrol.

The cameras used at the Florida tolls are "very, very good," Huff notes. The cameras have high resolution and can pick up on other identifying marks on a vehicle other than the license plates.

The number isn't just for those who try to trick the system. A lot of unpaid tolls come from out of state drivers without transponders, turnpike officials in other states have found. Those driver's receive paper bills as well, but collecting can be more difficult. The state is working on getting reciprocity with other states so that a hold can be placed on license renewal if there are unpaid tolls.

The number one issue in California when it came to toll evasion is cars without license plates. Paper plates from a car dealership do not have a license plate number making it hard to bill a driver because the cameras at the tolls needs to capture a number, said John Goodwin, senior public information officer at the MTC.

The paper plates will be phased out in after new law in California was signed this year. Temporary plates will have to be on cars when it is sold. Owners were required to install new plates on newly purchased vehicles within 90 days of purchase.

Massachusetts requires people to transfer license plates to a new vehicle within seven days. Massachusetts has a law in place that requires vehicle license plate numbers to be legible and unobscured by a glass or plastic cover or other device. In the first six months oflocal and State Police issued 4, violations while enforcing the law.

Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission.Log In Register. Public Service Forums. Post Reply 1 of 1. Last 1. EZ Tag lane with paper tags?

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You must be a subscriber to. Joined: Jan 6, Posts: 1, User Profile Private Message. I hadn't ever really thought about it until I saw a couple cars do it this morning. Joined: Dec 15, Posts: 15, I have yet to get anything in the mail. I imagine that if you were to run the toll booths several times in one day, they'd find a way to track you, but they probably don't want to spend the money to.

Joined: Nov 14, Posts: 8, They gon find you! Seriously that long number on your temp plate is registered to you.

They will tie it back and send you a bill. Joined: Sep 26, Posts: 9, I have never heard of anyone getting busted for this. If they come after you just pin them on your account and blame youR lack of plates for the lack of tag. Joined: May 8, Posts: 31, The paper tag numbers are now unique. You will get busted. Go to hctra. Joined: May 9, I got busted in Feb. Luckily i had a toll tag account so I just had to pay the actual toll bill, not the fees. Joined: Jul 2, Posts: 23, Joined: Apr 23, Posts: I went on around Austin as well with paper plates and got the toll fee letter in the mail.A photo e-mailed automatically from a camera at a Harris County toll plaza alerted dispatchers that a familiar license plate had just passed through an EZ Tag lane.

The vehicle to which it was attached had run through the lane without having an EZ Tag, which happens a lot. But this particular plate was unique in the sprawling tollway system.

Constable's deputies were dispatched, but the vehicle was gone. Eventually, the motorist probably will be caught and forced in a civil hearing to pay at least part of what is owed.

Unlike drivers who use the Metropolitan Transit Authority 's High Occupancy Vehicle lanes without the requisite number of passengers, EZ Tag cheaters can expect to be detected. Cameras snap photos of vehicles that pass through without the tag, as well as those that have tags but no money in the EZ Tag account from which tolls automatically are deducted. Only about 1 percent of EZ Tag lane users are violators, said Tracy Smithmanager of enforcement for the authority.

going through ez tag with paper plates

For that reason, and because the motorist is not always at fault, Smith said she doesn't believe the public wants accused toll violators rousted at midnight by officers with warrants. If an officer witnesses one, the driver can be cited for a Class C misdemeanor. Instead, the case ends up in a civil hearing at one of the Toll Road Authority 's two administrative hearing centers, downtown and in north Harris County.

The big stick in the hearings is the threat of a lien on the violator's vehicle. This makes it hard to sell a car and blocks drivers from renewing their state registration until the debt is paid.

Smith said the toll road authority blocks about registrations a month. That leaves the motorist vulnerable to being pulled over and ticketed for for an outdated sticker, said hearing attorney James Harris. But he mostly talks one-on-one with the accused — the "let's work this out" approach — in an effort to resolve the problem.

One day recently, Harris and fellow attorney D'arwyn Daniels huddled at conference tables with several accused EZ Tag violators, most without counsel. A small courtroom next door was quiet, but stood asan incentive for compliance. Most of the money owed gets collected that way, Harris said. He said he has never seized property to satisfy an EZ Tag because the liens alone are usually persuasive. So are the collection and court fees. Harris said the downtown center handles about violations in two dockets a week, and most cases are resolved at the conference table.

The typical big EZ Tag violator, he said, has no tag at all rather than one with a depleted account. The phone and light bill are in other people's names. Sometimes they've filed for bankruptcy. And some just don't take it seriously. Trending Now. Most Popular.Insufficient Funds: When your account balance is negative and you travel through an E-ZPass only lane.

Credit Card Cancellation or Expiration: Your credit card company or banking institution has not approved the transaction. The cancellation or expiration of a credit card can happen for many reasons. Once the credit card has been cancelled, or we do not have a valid expiration date in our system, we cannot debit your account. Many customers opt to list a secondary credit card on the E-ZPass account to have as a backup in case the primary credit card fails.

You also need to contact the Customer Service Center at to make sure all open violations are resolved. Changing your credit card on the website for automatic replenishment will take care of future recurring payments, but will not take care of any outstanding violation notices. Payments to your E-ZPass account can take up to 48 hours before your transponder is able to be used for travel.

When your credit card information changes, you are responsible for updating this information on your account. Two common changes that occur are when you or your bank cancels a credit card or the credit card expires.

When a credit card is cancelled, for any reason, customers are responsible for providing the new credit card information for their account, or changing the method for replenishment of their account. When a credit card expires, and the credit card is reissued with the same card number, the customer must update the expiration date information on their E-ZPass account. When the credit card information is the same as what was listed on your E-ZPass account, and the transaction was not approved by your bank, you must contact your credit card company or banking institution for more information.

Transactions not being approved can occur for a variety of reasons; most commonly the balance in the bank account is not sufficient to cover the replenishment amount. Exterior transponders must be mounted on the top part of your front license plate as shown here. Inactive Transponder: The transponder in the vehicle has been reported as lost or stolen.

Lost and stolen transponders will not read at any toll facility. Transponders will not work on the same day they are purchased; they will be active in Rhode Island in 24 hours and active out of state in 48 hours.

Transponder Malfunction: You may stop at the walk-in center located at 1 East Shore Road, Jamestown, RI and have your transponder battery tested. Vehicle Type: The vehicles listed here may be equipped with special windshields that contain metal in the glass metal oxide that prevents an interior E-ZPass transponder from being read properly. Windshields with solar ray glass, solar tint, heated or heat reflective windshields may also prevent the E-ZPass from reading properly.

Customers with these windshields may need to obtain exterior transponders. If you are unsure about whether your vehicle has one of these windshields, contact the dealer where you purchased your car or the car manufacturer.

Plate types are very important in allowing the Customer Service Center to identify our customers when their transponder doesn't register when they go through the toll plaza.

Plate type is significant because the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles issues the same plate number to a variety of different license plate types. Please be sure you have selected the correct plate type as noted on your vehicle registration to avoid a possible Toll Violation Notice.

Cashless tolls: Here's what you need to know

At this point, you are unable to pay the toll until it has been through our image review process. Please contact customer service 72 hours after occurrence to check the status of the transaction. We will accept payment of the violation over the phone or online before a first notice is mailed out or received.

going through ez tag with paper plates

Please contact customer service 72 hours after the occurrence to check the status of the transaction. Many rental companies have transponders in their vehicles, you may be assessed a fee plus the toll rate when you use their transponders.

If a Toll Violation Notice is mailed to the rental company, many of the rental companies will pay the violations and then forward the customer a bill for the violation amount and possibly extra fees; see terms in your rental agreement for more details.

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Non E-ZPass Account Holders : Rental agencies can assess fees for mailed violations and toll transactions that post to their accounts. E-ZPass Account Holders : You should always list rental vehicles on your account and delete them from your account when you are done using the vehicle.

How toll evaders try to fool E-ZPass, from grease to gadgets

If you are using your own E-ZPass transponder in the rental vehicle, it must be mounted and the license plate listed on your account. The toll violation notice contains a lower portion that should be detached and mailed along with your payment.Furthermore, say they were also so stupid as to have forgotten to update the registration on their car until they got to work this morning, that is.

Should that person expect to get a ticket for expired registration along with the EZ-Pass fine which is not a big deal, as this person could just mail in their ticket and corresponding toll to avoid that fine? Even assuming that you are registered in PA, and not in some other EZ-Pass state I kind of doubt that you will get nailed for the other offense.

With no direct evidence I am assuming that one hand will not know what the other is doing. I would be curious about how it turns out for you though. I have been telling people for years that, more and more, toll roads have all the technology needed to become an enforcement tool, and that I am both happy, and disappointed that they aren't used as such. You get on the highway, and a timestamp is recorded. You get off the highway and a timestamp is recorded.

It is simple math to find out if you made that journey in less time than the posted speed-limit would allow. And this can be done whether you use EZ-Pass, or just use a printed ticket. But noplace that I know of uses their toll system that way I heard the Florida toll roads will nail truckers in this way Whoa whoa whoa Certainly not for the second time in about a month.

I mean they've got it marked with those huge signs! Not sure how it works there but in Illinois it takes five times before they bother to mail you a ticket. Anything less than that and it really isn't work their time.

So if you just buzzed through it once you probably will never hear anything about it. I think they tried to implement this when EZ-Pass was introduced, but it got shot down in court. If this theoretical person was theoretically tailgating somebody else, they theoretically might not see any signs because they're theoretically not paying attention I'm just theoretically sayin'.

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In terms of using EZPass as enforcement, I'm pretty sure that they tried it, but it was not upheld. They used the time that you went through the tolls to determine your average speed, and issued tickets if that average proved you were speeding, but iirc, they were thrown out in court.

They purposely looked ahead and picked a lane that was a bit backed up so they'd have time to get some cash out, saw someone stopped at the booth which is a booth that generally is EZ-pass and cashso they picked that one without noticing the giant EZ-PASS ONLY sign above. When I lived in MA, the local news team decided to investigate what happens when you drive through the EZ pass lane without a transponder. In any of the toll booths. Apparently a lot of commuters already knew this.Of course this mass-surveillance technology poses problems for innocent people.

In May, California state legislator Jerry Hill demonstrated one such danger by performing a simple experiment with appalling results: he paid a private investigator to track his wife's whereabouts presumably with her consent.

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Around the same time, another Californian in San Leandro made a public-records request and learned that, among other thingsthe public record includes photos of his young daughters standing in their driveway, plus over photos of the man's license plate recorded in various locations.

Bad as these accurate records of innocent citizens' activities might be, the inaccurate records are even worse: innocent people pulled over and searched at gunpoint, after the license-plate scanner on a police car falsely flagged their vehicle as stolen, or its driver as a wanted felon. Unsurprisingly, law-enforcement officials tend to like these monitoring technologies, because from their perspective, being able to track the whereabouts of pretty much any person, criminal suspect or not, grants them far greater surveillance powers than they ever had before.

Civil libertarians and privacy advocates tend to distrust the scanners for the same reason.

going through ez tag with paper plates

License plate scanners are also useful for generating revenue, whether through honest means or otherwise. On July 8, for example, Courthouse News Service reported that a class-action suit brought before Superior Court in California claims that Xerox, the private contractor responsible for the automatic tolling system on the Golden Gate Bridge, deliberately inflated toll charges on certain types of drivers.

In Marchthe Golden Gate did away with tollbooths and human toll collectors, replacing it with an automatic billing system. But drivers who were not enrolled in FasTrak had a different experience. In theory, cameras at the toll points would take pictures of their license plates and send them bills in the mail. The court complaint states that drivers had only 30 days to pay before extremely high late fees were imposed:. For example, the toll invoices are sent to the vehicle's registered address even when the DMV or U.

Postal Service has updated addresses on file for that owner. When the postal service returns prior notices sent to an invalid address, Xerox continues to mail future invoices to the same invalid address, according to the complaint. Vehicle owners then have 21 days from the issuance of the violation, or 15 days from the mailing of the delinquent toll evasion, to contest the fees.

If they do not do so, they are deemed liable and in debt for the charges, the complaint states. What makes such bills particularly bad from a consumer perspective is that, although the tolls and bills are collected by a private, for-profit company, the state government is involved in enforcing them — if Xerox says you owe them money, you can lose your legal right to drive your car if you don't pay:.

Further, defendants may report the 'debt' to collection agencies and a civil judgment may be obtained against the vehicle owner," Saliani says.

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This isn't meant to suggest that such toll problems are limited to drivers crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, nor even to drivers in areas where tolls are handled by Xerox.

Our own readers here at ConsumerAffairs have had frequent problems with E-ZPass, an automatic toll-collection and car-monitoring system commonplace throughout the Northeast. Indeed, ina group of plaintiffs from New Jersey filed a class-action suit against the company, claiming similar problems with toll collection at the Commodore Barry bridge separating New Jersey and Pennsylvania; the case was decided in their favor in November Yet there have been no shortage of fresh complaints about E-ZPass since then.Go to Page Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Can they send you a ticket if you don't have a license plate,but temporary license plates, if you accidently go through the Ezpass lane?

Most of the temporary paper license plates are now put on where the official license plate goes. I know in the past you didn't get a ticket because most of the temporary license plates were put on the windshield in the back.

If you pass through the EZ Tag lane in Houston without an EZ tag, how much is the fine?

Yes, and while it might take them a few minutes longer to find your identity in the database with those temporary plates, they will find you. I have tried using my transponder,but the display says"call service center",so I have been paying cash. You can't add a car with temporary plates to your account. Status: "Iced" set 1 day ago.

I bought another car last week, and I didn't realize that now you take your car home the same day you bought it, so, since I obviously can't drive two cars, I had to leave my older car at the dealership. I forgot to take my EZ Pass transponder out of it. Completely forgot about it. So, I guess they'll be coming after me for that fifty cents.

So spoiled using the EZ Pass. I had to pay cash on the GSP and Turnpike for the rest of the week until Saturday came and I could hike the three miles to the dealership and pick up my old car! Was probably really only two-and-a-half miles--Google Maps didn't know my shortcut and just shows roads. Originally Posted by Mightyqueen Originally Posted by Retriever. If you get a EZ Pass violation notice, all you would have to do is fill out your EZ Pass account number either online or via mail.

You could try and list your temporary plate on your online account too under vehicle maintenance. Originally Posted by jerseygal4u. The dealership I brought my car from actually said as soon as a car is sold,it has to be taken off the lot.

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