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Ensoniq mirage kontakt

Discussions about anything related to samplers and sampling techniques. Ensoniq Mirage sample library? Re: Ensoniq Mirage sample library? Are you looking for a specific sound disk? It's surprisingly difficult to get Ensoniq Mirage disks without buying the over-priced ones from Syntaur.

There is an eBay seller with an SD card though. Baus wrote: You will miss an essential part of the sound when you drop them in Kontakt. That being said I don't use library disks in the Mirage either. I don't use any software sampler. Unfortunately at the moment I haven't gotten setup to rip them to files, so they're all just disks.

I've also downloaded a bunch of disks that I've found on the internet.

ensoniq mirage kontakt

Hopefully in the next few months, I also haven't made floppies of all those files I collected, but eventually I'd like to set up a little Mirage archive. A lot of the floppies I have are homemade ones that I bought in a big collection on eBay last year. I copied my TX16W library a couple of years ago. Used a Dell USB floppy drive. I've no further use for the drive, if you want it? My plan is to find an XP laptop with a built in floppy that I can stuff in a closet when I'm not using.

Here at work we are decommissioning a bunch of Panasonic Toughbooks that have an option for a floppy. I know Syntaur sells copies of the Soundprocess, but I kind of think those should be freely available as well. I don't know if Syntaur holds the rights for distribution or if they're just like all the ebay sellers selling EPROM updates.

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ensoniq mirage kontakt

Board index All times are UTC.Tech Info. We cannot provide tech support for the general operation of your keyboard; however, we do carry the Mirage manuals. Models There are four versions of the Mirage sampler, and they all use the same disks and operate in exactly the same manner. As the first two keyboards were both called Mirage DSK-8, we distinguish them by their color. The Black DSK-8 was the original Mirage, built beginning in lateand is easily identified by its black metal case and all black buttons; it says "Mirage" on the top panel.

The DSK-8 used a somewhat clunky Pratt-Read keybed assembly, which was improved upon in the next model. Early on in the manufacturing of the DSK-8, the circuitry was revised slightly to decrease the noise floor of the sampler, and this modification was available as an upgrade for owners of the earlier units.

The Gray DSK-8 was the second-generation Mirage, still in a metal case, but now sporting a dark gray paint job and a much-improved Fatar keybed. You can easily distinguish these Mirages by the smaller buttons - now gray, yellow, white, and black.

The Sync jack on the back panel was intended to sync the Mirage's sequencer to an external clock source; since the sequencer is all but useless, the Sync jack and circuitry were dropped on the later DSK The Mirage DSK-1 was the last Mirage version throughand sported a gray plastic case with pseudo-stereo outputs.

It looks rather similar to the second-generation DSK-8, but you can distinguish the newest Mirage by the red stripe across the front panel, and by the "Mirage-DSK" logo on top the older logos just read "Mirage".

Gone in the new Mirage were the Expansion Port and the Sync jack.Find out more about the bundles and the newly added instruments. Komplete 13 is available for pre-order now, and will become available for download on October 1, Forums Quick Links. Members Quick Links. NI Community Forum.

ensoniq mirage kontakt

Hi everyone, We have just announced our latest version of the Komplete bundles. Find out more about the bundles and the newly added instruments Komplete 13 is available for pre-order now, and will become available for download on October 1, Messages: Hi guys, This one has been a long time coming — 33 years, in fact — but we think it's worth it We're delighted to announce that we have now launched SAHARAwhich is a meticulously detailed recreation of the original factory sound library for the Ensoniq Miragein Kontakt format.

There are original patches and over 50 Multis. Every note of every patch was sampled, often at multiple velocity layers, to capture the signature thick, earthy tone of the Mirage's 8-bit DACs and analogue filter. SAHARA has been produced in collaboration with the lovely folks at Syntaurwho are the license-holders in the original samples.

The results though we say it ourselves It includes a convolved period-accurate Lexicon reverbenvelope controls for filter and ampstereo panninga host of effects to process the sound, and performance-oriented features velocity to cutoff or amp, mod wheel vibrato, etc.

But there's also the crucial Vintage button, which instantly disables all the modern bells and whistles and gives you the raw sound of the Mirage in all its glory.

Refraktor | Vintage Sampling Circa 1984

Your settings are saved, though, so when you hit Vintage again, everything goes back the way it was. The last time we did anything at this level of forensic detail was when we recreated the Emulator II Universe of Sounds library.

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If you've always wanted to know why the Mirage changed the world back innow's your chance to find out Have fun! Kontakt instruments with character! You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?Those are pretty old-school specs by today's standards and while it does mean your sounds will be somewhat lo-fi, that does not mean low quality.

Ensoniq Mirage sampling setup and demo

A built-in 3. Each disk could hold up to 6 samples and 8 sequences. The keyboard is split in to two independent halves for an upper sound and a lower sound - great for playing two instruments at a time. Unfortunately, sample editing is done via hexadecimal-code manipulation which is not a simple to concept to master. Most users will just load-in sounds from the Mirage's extensive sample library, or look for computer programs that can edit or convert Mirage samples. While the Mirage's limited sampling specs, limited polyphony 8 voices and limited sequencer notes may seem to knock it off anyone's list when looking for a keyboard sampler, the Mirage still has a few hidden goodies under its hood.

Most notably, it has analog filters Most models also featured a weighted, velocity sensitive keyboard. Speaking of models, there have been several versions of the Mirage during its lifetime. The DSK-8 was the original model and it featured a black steel chassis and a weighted Pratt-Reed keyboard. Later DSK-8 models were updated with a dark gray chassis and an improved Fatar keyboard as the original Pratt-Reed did not have very good feel. Then, in the DSK-1 appeared with a newer lighter plastic chassis, a relocated disk drive, an un-weighted keyboard action and the addition of stereo outputs.

The DSK-1 is easily identified by the solid red stripe on the front panel.

After all, their specs, design and quality are superior. However, there is a certain amount of nostalgia concerned with the Mirage, particularly with its sample library which still stands the test of time. Ensoniq Mirage.

VSE Rating. User Rating. Check Prices. Ensoniq Mirage sample library? Does anyone offer the original Ensoniq Mirage sample library in Konakt format? Read moreThe Ensoniq Mirage was a landmark machine in the history of sampling. All that changed in But if it thought it was going to steal all the limelight, it was wrong — because elbowing its way into the party like a scrawny punk rocker who no-one invited, here comes the Mirage.

The Mirage was a lean, aggressive bid to make sampling available to ordinary people. Every single element was cut back to the bone, the bare minimum, in order to fulfil the goal of getting a sampler into the hands of players for under a couple of grand.

This led to some pretty stark compromises. The 8-bit Mirage sported a teeny-tiny kB of sample memory, which was permanently split into two 64kB chunks devoted to each side of the keyboard. It could, at its maximum 33kHz sample rate, store just 2 seconds of sound per keyboard half. There were no upgrade options. Its only display was a 2-character LED window, which displayed in a flickering amber light arcane and inscrutable hexadecimal numbers which — when decoded — told you what parameter you were editing.

The Mirage manual came with a handy tear-out-and-laminate reference sheet, which you were more or less obliged to stick onto the front of the instrument in order to be able to understand it.

All that said, though… it really did change the world. It has, to our ears, more in common with machines like the Akai S and S both bit than the Emulator.

And finally, Ensoniq really did a job with the factory library, honing every sound to get the very best from the limited resources at their disposal. The string patches soar and sweep; the basses are rich and grounded; the synth sounds have grit and girth to them; drums have a wonderful crunchy, almost vinyl, dirt. This is above all an instrument with character. The result is a set of factory patches whose raw sound is as close to having a real Mirage as you can get without having to learn hexadecimal.

We made the editorial decision to break out the individual sounds and extend them over the full MIDI range, which we feel is far more musically usable. These original factory sounds form the main part of the Sahara library — of them in all. In addition to these there are some non-authentic but awesome-sounding Layered Multis, which graft several Mirage patches together, add effects, and generally bring the machine into the 21st century.

It will bring you raw and muscular bass tones, thick and gritty drums, and warm surges of synthesiser goodness — exactly as it first did in The Mirage brought digital sampling to the masses for the first time… and what an amazing thing that was. Step back in time and join the revolution! This is a big, big set of instruments. Mac users can drag the first. Windows users should select the first. You can read the full Sound on Sound review of Sahara here.

When the Mirage came out, lots of bedroom composers were ecstatic, because sampling was previously beyond their budgets, but professional composers were a little bit dismissive of the sounds and the sampling quality.

I think the bedroom composers were actually right. There are some very usable sounds in this library, especially if you want to create something that is period accurate. Now, you can enjoy the sounds without the frustration of having to navigate the universe via a very small number of controls and a letter box display.

ensoniq mirage kontakt

The subtle dust and noise adds a smooth sheen to the sounds, making them sound distinctly old school. Give it a go. Anyway, found this product has just been released and took a punt, well it delivered — All the sounds I thought were there are here and in a convenient Kontakt library with a nice looking simple to use UI.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Sahara Rated 5. The full soundset of the classic Mirage 8-bit sampler. All our Kontakt instruments require a full copy of Native Instruments Kontakt v4. Kontakt Player is not supported: instruments will load, but will time out after 15 minutes.

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The Soniq Collection | A Compendium of Classic Synths

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